Tuesday, February 23, 2016

11-4-15 Another Holiday - messes up missionary mail on p-day

[note from Holly's mom]

Dear Holly's Friends and Family,

Brazil had another holiday on Monday (All Souls Day) and everything was closed so Holly couldn't find a LAN house that was open to use for email. On Tuesday, she briefly logged in to send me a quick explanation, but she didn't have time to write her usual email. She took a few minutes to answer some of the questions that I sent her, so that's what I'm forwarding. Her answers come first, then farther down, you'll see my questions.

Also, her hump day (half-way point in the assigned 18-month mission) is coming up on November 18th, so for giggles, I ordered a toy camel and a camel notepad that said "Things to do on Humpday."  She wrote the following about receiving those two items:

"My District Leader had my box and on Saturday night over the phone I asked him to open it and tell me  what´s inside. After he opened the box, all I heard was  BUNCH of laughing. When I asked him what was in the box he said, Sister Denton, you have a stuffed animal LLAMA. I was thinking first of all, HOW COOL A LLAMA. Second, who the heck would send me a llama? anyways, he named the "llama" Milo and I got my "llama" on sunday at church. Only after that I realized that it was a camel, and that it was for HUMP DAY. WOOP WOOP. Okay, so it´s not hump day yet, but I really liked the idea. I like the notepad too."

From: Holly Denton <holly.denton@myldsmail.net>
Date: Tue, Nov 3, 2015 at 8:19 AM
Subject: Re: Questions
To: Amy Denton

I am in Mauá central, so like, the middle of Mauá.
Mauá Ward. A few, We have 7 pairs of mishies in my zone, so about that many wards.
No. Irmão Peixoto (that one guy who always helps out the sisters in the sao paulo missions) Brings all the luggage to the housees of all the sisters. During transfers, I just take my little suitcase carry on thing with a change of clothes, shower stuff, and study stuff.
Relatively safe. I mean, there´s always a chance to be assaulted, but we always walk with purpose. And our area is really suburby with absolutely 0 favelas, so I think we´ll be okay.
It´s been twilight weather,. I think this zone is the rainiest zone in the mission.
It´s going well. sister araujo has a few problems adjusting to mishie life, but I think that lots of training will solve that.

On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 4:18 PM, Amy Denton wrote:
how is that pronounced?
What part of the city are you in?
What ward are you in? How many wards and stakes are there?
When you and your new companion were traveling there on public transportation, did you find yourself struggling with the amount of luggage or any other struggles?
Do you feel safe there?
How's the weather?
How is the training going?
Have you heard from Sister Alencar about the investigators you left in SP?

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