Tuesday, February 16, 2016

9-28-15 Good Mormon Morning!

(I accidentally wrote Mormon instead of morning first, so I decided to keep it there.)

So this has been a very unusual week for me, but mostly the only thing that sticks out in my mind is Saturday, so I'll get to that in a second. 

This week was pretty good, but very abnormal, because we had Pday on Tuesday for Mission PDay instead of a regular Pday on Monday. That's why there wasn't an email last week. Our president only allowed us to write our family and him, so yeah, sorry about that if you were expecting an email! 

Anyways, Mission PDay was fun! We spent the day at the Botanical Garden here in Sao Paulo! There was lots cool stuff to do. The mission played games, sang, danced, and had a talent show. At the talent show, one of the mission secretaries (an Elder of about my age) kept bugging me to go up front and sing something, so I went up and did the missionary rap that I learned in California with my trainer. It was pretty funny because I don't think that anyone was expecting the white girl newbie missionary to get up and rap, so that was cool. After the rap, I sang amazing grace to the tune of Gilligan's Island and to the tune of the mission hymn, which everyone liked as well. 

So the rest of the week was pretty difficult just because I was sore from playing hard at pday, but the good thing is that we picked up some new investigators. As of now, we've got 5 different Marias in our teaching pool. It's so funny sometimes when we're planning because something like this  will happen

Me, Let's go see Maria after lunch.
Comp, Mother Maria?
Me, No, Maria Two.
Comp, And what about Maria-Divina?
Me, She's after Maria the Wife of Corinthians.

So yeah. I'll probably never name a child Maria after my mission.

So this week, we've been trying hard to accomplish more things and stuff. We want to increase our workforce and do lots of more work and baptize more people, and this has our leaders on edge. So our leaders were pushing hard to have more baptisms at the end of the month. Also, I'm guessing that my comp and I were having the most success in the zone because pretty much all of our leaders were breathing down our neck to have us baptize someone. So after lots of thought, we decided to go and talk to one of our investigators who is preparing for baptism and has huge desire, but she lives with her boyfriend and she's not married or separated, which needs to happen before someone is baptized. When we went to talk to her, she told us that she's not been sleeping with her boyfriend for 3 months, that he's been sleeping in another room, and that she's trying to get him moved out of the house! So after a little deliberation, my comp and I decided that she was ready for baptism. As of right now however, our bishop has a few concerns about the situation and he just wants to wait a little bit longer until the situation is 100% resolved. But now, our investigator is ready for her baptism that'll be coming up soon, so I think that's pretty much a miracle!

That's pretty much it for the week! I hope you're doing well and that you have an amazing week!

Sister Denton

I held a rooster this week, which was pretty awesome. In Portuguese, there's a phrase ''Quando galos tem dentes'' ''When roosters have teeth'' Which is kind of like the equivalent to ''When pigs fly.''

Everybody jump on 3!

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