Monday, February 22, 2016

10-19-15 2nd Gear, a Miracle Story, and I´M PREGNANT?!?!

First of all, I'm totally kidding, and I will explain the subject line in a little bit.

How are all of you? I'm doing well! This week has been a very slow one coming due to the fact that transfers are coming up soon and the entire week I didn't have the slightest idea of what would happen with me and the lingering feeling of impending doom lingering over my head ALL WEEK LONG. But all is well. 

I actually enjoyed this week a lot. Sister Alencar and I have switched gears and we worked a lot harder this week than the last one because we were falling a little bit short. We found a lot of people this week that were pretty ready to hear about the gospel and tried our hardest to help them in any way we can. In the end, we still came up a little bit short, but there was a good feeling of accomplishment when we returned to our house by the end of the day.

So the miracle story:
Yesterday, Sister Alencar and I didn't have very good plans, just a lot of people who aren't really interested in our message. So we started walking when Sister Alencar started talking:
SA: What are we going to do now?
SD: I don't know really. I think we're going to go visit J. (A referral from the zone leader)
SA: Who's J?
SD: J stays at our house. Really, he's our beds. We're going to go sleep. Just kidding. He's a referral from the zone leaders. 
And so we go to the street where J lives and we were looking for number 35. When we finally found the house, we went to the front door to try it out, but the front door had the address of number 7. We rung the doorbell anyways. 
While we were waiting, a little black chihuahua came running up to us, barking. At times (when I´m really tired, hungry, or crazy) I kind of like to pretend that animals can lead us to our next investigator, so I started asking the dog where J is and if she could lead us to J. So she just started running back and forth. 
FINALLY, the owner of the house opened the door. I noticed that she had another chihuahua inside the house so I asked her if the dog belonged to her (it did) and I also asked if I could share a message with her. (she accepted!) 
After sharing a little bit with her, we found out that she is J's wife and that really she has been having problems with J and that she was praying that God would help her with her marriage. She told us that she has been waiting for someone to come and help her and bring God back into her and her husband's lives.
Moral of the story: Always follow the promptings of a chihuahua, I mean, the Holy Spirit! 😉

Soooo ´bout the whole "Pregnant" thing. Remember how I talked about that whole "cloud of impending doom" that is the transfer call? Well, that came in last night. After waiting for basically 3 weeks, which is when this cloud of doom came to me, we finally got a call from our zone leader. All that happens in the call is that the zone leader says your name, if you stay or go, and what you'll do. (For example: Elder Santos, leaving as zone leader.) And so... I´m pretty sure that he did it on purpose, but he left me until the very end. Try to understand my anxiety about this, I almost couldn't breathe. 
Sister Lima, staying as Sister Training Leader.
Sister Tyckson, staying.
Sister da Costa, leaving.
Sister Alencar, staying as a trainer.
Sister Denton, leaving as a trainer.
WHATT? HOW? So yeah, that is actually going to happen. Tomorrow I´m going to get my very first greenie and I have NO CLUE who she is, but I'm hoping for the best. Really transfers stress the heck out of me and I think I just need to get over it. But anyways, we're all anxiously waiting to find out who my "daughter" will be and what she'll be like. I guess you'll all know by next week!
Me waiting for my daughter (chalkboard: 8 months! I'm Pregnant! #trainer)

District P-day at the park riding bikes

That´s all for this week! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

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