Monday, February 22, 2016

10-12-15 Temple, Hair Dye, and the

Another Tuesday Email! Graças á Nossa Senhora Aparacida! (Thanks to Our Lady Aparacida) I don´t know much about Catholicism, but yesterday was a Brazilian Catholic holiday, and since a majority of Brazil is Catholic, pretty much everything was closed, including the LAN house where we write our emails!

On Tuesday last week, we got to go and visit the temple here in São Paulo with our entire zone. It was so cool, but the temple looks a lot smaller in person than it does in the pictures, but none of that took away from the beauty that the temple has! I loved being able to go and visit a different temple and I can´t wait to go back! 

This week was pretty good because we picked up a few new people to teach. As we were teaching one of our investigators, F, her boyfriend came in from work, so we decided that we would share a message with him as well. R (the boyfriend) is pretty good. He and F have 2 beautiful boys of 8 years and 2 months old, and we´re working on helping them get married pretty soon so that they can get baptized! Marriage really is a challenge here in Brazil because at times the marriage registry can be really expensive and it´s just easier to live together instead of getting married. In fact, this is a problem for most of the missionaries in our mission. One of our leaders, Elder Santos, is teaching one of my old investigators, RA, who will get married really soon! Elder Santos was talking to me one day and he said that we´re just going to marry the entire world here in this zone of our mission, and it´s true! We will! 
For the Temple Selfie Collection

Holding up the Angel Moroni

MTC District 69D (minus Sister Magleby and Elder Brand)

The São Paulo Temple is so beautiful
My zone

Yesterday I dyed my hair (again). Partially because with blonde hair, everybody just assumes that I am American (which shouldn't really bother me, but it does) and partially because I just don´t like keeping the same color for very long, and I get bored with my hair, so I just like changing. Anyways, it was super stressful because all of the instructions we in Portuguese and Spanish and I was just afraid that I´d end up with purple hair because of misread instructions, but I managed to come out of it with some dark brown hair. (I feel like myself again!) 

Yesterday we had zone pday where I learned a few things:
-I am trash with soccer,
-I am trash with American football,
-I´m the with water balloon volleyball!
-Also, I´m the with making brownies (Due to the fact that I'm American according to my zone leader, Elder Lopes)
But yeah, zone pday was super fun! I really like getting to know the missionaries that I get to serve around they´re all pretty cool! 

But that´s pretty much all for this week! I hope that all is well with all of you! Love you all!

Our photo was on the cover of the mission newsletter this week

This is some weird fruit that was the size of a baby, so I decided to treat it as such.

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