Tuesday, February 23, 2016

10-27-15 Transfers, Whitewash, and My Beloved Daughter in Whom I am Well Pleased

Olá gente! Tudo bom?

Wow what a week what a week! By the subject line of the email, you could probably guess how stressful this week was, but I'm coping, LET´S GO.

At the request of my mother, I will tell every detail of transfer day (okay, maybe not EVERY detail, but I won't be too vague). So I left my 2nd area of my mission (Jardim Consórcio) to go to the transfer meeting and learn all the exciting new details of my life. During the meeting, all of the missionaries who are leaving go and bear testimony. One very trunky Elder had a toy airplane (complete with sound effects) that he made fly all the way to the pulpit. After that, we all were ready for the transfer facts. So when we do this, the assistants make a slideshow with each companionship in the mission and which zone and area you are in. Since I'm training however, when I showed up in the Mauá Ward, the picture of my companion was just a picture of Cinderella with a nametag. After everyone had their companions and went to their respective areas, the trainers and the greenies all have lunch before we get to know who our comps are. During lunch, one of the greenies said, "I think that Sister Denton will train me." Lo and behold, when the time came that we got our companions, Sister Araujo (the same greenie) became my Beloved Daughter in whom I am Well Pleased.

After the meeting, we got on the subway to get on another subway to get on a train to get to our area. (Mauá is REALLY far away from the rest of the mission, I'm talking boondocks here.) And we finally arrived in a brand new area that President just opened after being closed for some time. So yeah, our area is HUGE too. To be honest, opening an area is super hard, and I'm not a huge fan of opening areas, but it appears that I will be opening areas for pretty much all of my mission, so that is fun. Anyways, the challenge is that my companion and I don't know anything about this area, the people in it, the streets, or the traditions of the area. But anyways, we already found a few people to teach and we have a few good members to go out with us to go and get to know our area, so that's good. We had one of the people we're teaching at church (which was pretty funny because she's been to the church before and she knew more about the chapel than we did.). This week was a little tough because the weather here is staying pretty cool, and when it stays cool, people stay in their houses, and we're accustomed to meeting and talking to people in the street and not knocking on doors. But we're able to make things work through member referrals and other cool stuff like that.

So now you get to meet my Beloved Daughter! Her name is Sister Araujo from the interior of São Paulo. She's like, super good (she takes after her mom) but seriously, I barely have to train her. she's only been a member for a little more than a year, and almost all of her family are part of a different church, her dad being the preacher thereof. Nevertheless, she is fantastic and she is just helping me out a lot opening the area and staying positive, so that's good. 

That's about all for this week. I hope you're all doing well! And I hope you all have a Happy Halloween (I won't, it doesn´t REALLY exist here even though I keep seeing decorations in the stores all around)!

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