Saturday, June 11, 2016

11-9-15 Rain, Searching, and a Miracle

Olá pessoal! Tudo bem?

So about the last two weeks, it has been rough, okay? Haha. Just kidding. The computer situation here is really bad at times. A funny thing about Brazilians is that EVERY holiday EVERYTHING shuts down because everybody likes to stay at home for holidays, and so I had no access to a computer last week except for a little bit of time. But anyways, I made it this week to a computer! Yay! Woohoo!

So remember in the book series Twilight how the city in which Bella lived was like, the rainiest and cloudiest in the USA? My new area is pretty much the equivalent to that. 99% of the time I have been here has been cloudy and rainy. So I guess the bright side is that I am not getting a sunburn and the weather is relatively cool here. So that is all good. Cannot complain there.

So my new companion and I are opening up an area that has been closed for quite a while. It has been a few months since there has been any missionaries in my area, and there has not been any work done in a while, so we are pretty much trying our darnedest to find people that we can work with. We have been looking through past records and we are searching for the people who missionaries have worked with in the past to see if they are still interested in the message of the gospel. We have had a little bit of success with that in finding people to teach, but really our biggest source of help is the members here. I love it when members of the church invite us to share the message of the gospel with their friends. That truly is what the gospel is all about: Sharing. I love it when people value something so completely that they feel the need to share it with the whole world.

Anyways, for the miracle. This week, the other missionaries in our area received a call from a member in another area. This member just said that he has a friend who lives in our area and that he wanted to bring the missionaries to his friends house to talk a little bit about the gospel. (A little out of the ordinary, but I am down to go with this.) Anyways, we met this member at Mauá Central and he told us a bit about her, that they have already talked a bit and that she is really excited about the gospel. We went over there and we finally met V.  V is probably one of the sweetest people I have met here. She is really open to learning and really accepting of the message that we have. At the end of the lesson, she accepted to be baptized at the end of the month! So now all we have to do is get her ready to go! I feel so blessed to be working in this area and that I have the opportunity to share the gospel with this blessed daughter of God. The work is hard, that is a FACT. But the blessings are worth it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love Sister Denton    


We have been drinking a type of drink for the North of Brazil that has like, 4 names, Herba, Mate, Terere, and something else that I cannot remember. Anyways, its just a bunch of herbs that we put in a cup with a bunch of juice and sip it through a cool filter straw. Apparently it helps to lose weight so we have been drinking it a LOT    

Sisters Ala Mauá

My beloved Daughter in whom I am Well Pleased: Sister Araujo
We hitched a ride ... with a member ... in a coupe ... with 4 missionaries

Waiting in the rain


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