Tuesday, February 16, 2016

10-5-15 Conferences, Conferences, and more Conferences!

Good Morning everybody! How are you all? I feel like I only hear from about 6 of you sometimes, but when I do hear from those 6 people, it´s a pretty good day, so thank you 6 people for your wonderful emails each week!

So this week was another one of those "Conference weeks." Which isn't really a bad thing because conferences are really awesome and cool and we learn lots of cool things. But this week, we had a 6 hour conference with President and GENERAL CONFERENCE!! (Side note: Woo! Other side note: This made 14 hours of the week that we weren't doing much missionary work and that we were listening to people talk, and I was listening to Portuguese for 14 hours, which at times my attention span cannot handle, so that can give you an idea of why I have mixed feelings about conferences.) I LOVED the conference that we had with President Broadbent. He talked a lot about our potential as humans to make it to heaven, which is something I think about a lot. One thing he said that hit me was that there is no one who will live in the Kingdom of Heaven (except Jesus Christ) who will be sinless, the only people who will live in the Kingdom of Heaven are those who utilized the Atonement of Christ and continually strove to improve and become more Christlike. We also had trainings by the Assistants to the President who talked about our potential in general and showed a really good video of a man talking about how the only limits that exist in our lives are our own doubts and fears.
Saturday and Sunday were GENERAL CONFERENCE! (Whooo!) I loved this opportunity that we had to be able to hear from our beloved prophet and apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ! I felt the Spirit of the Lord as they spoke (even though I heard their words through translators.) It was truly a special experience to be able to witness the calling and sustaining of new apostles, who are now special witnesses of Jesus Christ. It reconfirmed my testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ exists on the earth, and that it is united under His direction and authority. I tried my hardest to understand most of the talks that were given, but it was SUPER hard to pick out some of the things that were said, but I felt uplifted and strengthened by the love that these servants of God have for each one of us who listened. I especially liked President Dieter F Uchtdorf's talk about simplifying our view of the teachings of Christ. He certainly said some things that I can apply in my own life.

Other than having the wonderful opportunity to hear these inspired leaders teaching us by the Spirit, this week has been a pretty good one. I think one cool thing about missionary work is being able to serve around all different types of missionaries, members, and people that are learning about the gospel, and in all of these, you are able to watch the personal growth of people in their lives and in the Gospel of Christ. From a few of the emails that I have received from friends and family, I am able to see how the Light of Christ is illuminating your individual lives. I think this week, I got to see that in another missionary in my ward. This missionary, who has only been a member for a little more than a year, has such a strong  testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ it's almost unbelievable that he´s been a member for such a short period of time. That´s just one thing I love about Christ and His Gospel, that it can completely transform any ordinary person into something extraordinary. I was able to see a little bit of that this week as my fellow missionaries shared their individual testimonies and thoughts about the Gospel.

Well, anyways, that´s a good little bit about my week. Looking back sometimes, the week is a blur, especially this week. But it was a good week nonetheless! :) Hope yours was too!
Love you all!
Sister Denton
Not related to anything that I previously wrote: This week I ate a pizza with chocolate in the crust, it was AWESOME. Just imagine, you eat a whole slice of pizza, and at the end, there´s dessert! Yum! 

Sister Alencar and Sister Denton

Sister Denton, Elder Melo, Sister Lima, Sister Tycksen

[note from Amy: A sister from their area emailed this photo to me a few days after p-day]

Cutest companions in the world!
Companheiras mais lindas no mundo!!! 

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