Tuesday, June 2, 2015

6-2-15 Visit to the Newport Beach Temple

Surprise! You get an email from me on a Tuesday!! Haha! Today, my zone got to go to the Newport Beach temple, so our entire Preparation day switched over to Tuesday! It's honestly been kind of strange having pday today and all. Actually working all day yesterday was really weird. Oh well! It's pday now!
Newport Beach California Temple 6-2-15
Newport Beach California Temple 6-2-15
Sisters at Newport Beach California Temple 6-2-15
Sisters at Newport Beach California Temple 6-2-15
We've found a couple new people to teach this week. They're some who show a little bit of potential, so we're pretty stoked to start trying to meet with them more. We're mostly stoked just because the work in this area is SUPER hard to do, and finding people to teach is the hardest part, but we've just been praying and working on that. We're really hoping to see a change in this area soon, and that we'll be able to turn it around. 

Yesterday marked the second day in two weeks that we got locked out of our apartment on accident. Luckily, we have a pretty good relationship with our next door neighbors, and they'll let us climb over their balcony in order to get to ours. It's a good thing that we keep the screen door open, because we cannot afford a locksmith! Haha!

On Monday night, I was trying to remove my sliding closet doors in the hallway of our apartment and accidentally shattered the  ceiling light in our apartment, which caused damage mostly to me. I got a cut on my head and my arm, but nothing serious, so we're all good here! Between me and Sister Saintonge, out first-aid job was kind of shabby. We have a huge box just full of bandaids, but not really any other first aid anything, so we ended up putting like, four bandaids on my arm and tying it with a shopping bag to keep pressure on it, and a Spiderman bandaid on my head. Haha. On Tuesday, I spent all morning with those Spiderman bandaids on my arm and head. It's a good thing I'm a pretty fast healer, because I looked pretty ridiculous.
Spidey Bandaid
Shopping Bag Tourniquet

This has been a pretty awesome week for me and my companion. We've been working pretty hard with our investigator, V****, to prepare her for baptism. We've moved her date up, so her baptism is in less than two weeks! We started freaking out this week because it's the first baptism for both of us, and we don't know how to organize any of it! Haha. We've been checking out what our training manuals have had to say about it and all, but there's not enough info!! Luckily, we have some pretty good members and leaders who are willing to help us organize it, so I feel like everything is going to fall into place pretty soon. Keep V**** in your prayers so that she'll be able to prepare herself for her baptism! 

Well I hope everyone has a good week! I love you all and wish you the best in whatever comes your way!! :) 

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