Tuesday, June 2, 2015

5-25-15 Hey y'all!

My brain is kind of fried right now, so I'm not sure how this email is going to turn out... 

This week has been pretty interesting for me. I'm beginning to learn what it's like to do what the Lord wants you to do. This week, the LA Brazil consulate has changed its requirements for a visa, and a little more paperwork was required before they can process my visa application, so needless to say, Brazil has been on my mind a WHOLE LOT. I've been reading out of my Portuguese scriptures and singing "Ide por Todo Mundo" all week long, trying to keep my spirits up about the whole situation. I think all the time about my Training Center friends and how they're doing in Brazil, and I pray for them a whole lot. I'm the only visa waiter in the CA Long Beach mission, so it's pretty tough to keep the spirits up with that all week. 

I've been keeping busy though. There's lots to do as a missionary, so thankfully I'm able to keep my mind off the entire visa thing. This week, we were able to meet with V**** more often.  Let me tell you, V**** is a missionary's DREAM. She is faithful, prayerful, and keeps her commitments (most of the time) she always wants to meet with us and she's super sweet! I am so glad to be here and teaching her and helping her come to Christ. She's had a pretty tough week this week, so it would be good to keep her in your prayers if you'd like. She lost her job on Friday night and has been facing that struggle a bit, but Miracle of miracles, she's still remaining faithful! On Sunday she came to Church and she was able to feel the Spirit there SO STRONG. I felt it there too. I know that everything that was said was said just for her and it was just what she needed to hear and know. She's just amazing. 

This week, not much happened because we were back and forth between our area and the mission offices a whole bunch. We finally smoothed out the car/bike/walking situation and we were able to get our car back after it was in the shop for a while to get a paint job so it's all shiny and brand new. Another day, we found more stuff saying that we need too move out (even though we really don't) of our apartment, so we had to go back and figure that out. Then we left our gate pass for our apartment complex in the other car, so we had to go back and get that! So needless to say, I'm very familiar with the office missionaries, and they're awesome. 

This week we contacted a man who the Elders referred to us. We started talking to him to try to see if we could share a message with him about the Church, but we very soon figured out that he speaks about 5 words of English and that he speaks Italian. So that's frustrating. anyways, we picked up an Italian Book of Mormon at the office and dropped it at his house with our phone number. I don't know what's going to happen next, but God moves in mysterious ways. And I guess that's all I need to know. I don't need to know about my visa or if that man will read the Book of Mormon and call us, but I know that God is preparing him to receive the Gospel one day from someone. 

Well, that's about all I have for this week! Hope all of you are doing well, wherever you are! Have a blessed week!

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