Saturday, June 11, 2016

11-16-15 Mission Rebirth, A Miracle and a Boot

SO this has been an interesting week! I do not remember much of what happened before Thursday, but it was not that interesting, so let us just go straight there. 

Thursday we had a Mission Conference with President Broadbent. Before the conference, everybody was speculating what President would talk about and the theme of the conference and all. It is an open fact that my mission is having the least success of pretty much all of the missions in Brazil (and is also the smallest) and we all got pretty much what we were speculating. President however, was very loving and caring as he explained to us that while he is happy to be here and helping us serve the Lord, he is not satisfied with the work that we are doing. Really, he explained to us that the work that we are doing is VERY important and that because of this work, we need to work even harder to achieve our goals and the vision of the mission. And so he pretty much granted a new start to each one of our missions (which I thought was VERY cool.) and said that it was the day to change and begin again to serve the Lord with all of our forces. As a new rule in our mission, we are to make 50 contacts (talking with people and trying to help them understand more about the gospel of Christ) each day and 300 contacts each week. This among other things, got me really really excited to start over and to do everything I can to help others. 

So anyways, on Friday, we went out to fulfill these new rules and such searching for people to help. While we were in the middle of the street, I sprained my ankle. 😨 After a good yell, a little bit of murmuring, and sitting down on the curb, my companion and I noticed that a woman who was standing in the gate of her house saw the whole the thing happen. She quickly ushered us into her house, sat me down at her kitchen table, and prepared some ice to put on my ankle. We sat and talked with her for a while and she told us about the problems that she has in her family, and how she is really worried about her son and his daughter. We explained to her how obedience to the laws of heaven could bless her life, and the message we brought really consoled her. She said that me spraining my ankle while she was watching was not a coincidence, but that it happened so that we could bring the message of the Gospel of Christ to her. It was truly a miracle and an act of God. 
Anyways, after that we returned to the house because we couldn't really do anything else due to my ankle, and we waited for Irmão Peixoto to bring me a boot for my ankle. After MANY hours (we live in the limits of the mission pretty much so its a bit of a ride to get here) my companion and I were sitting at our desks studying. Suddenly, I heard the gate of the house open. I ignored it, because there is another family who lives in the house below us, and they are always going up and down the stairs. But I decided to play a prank on my companion (who gets scared easily).

Sister D: Did you hear that?
Sister A: Hear what?
Sister D: You didn't hear the footsteps on the stairs?
Sister A: Sister Denton, STOP THAT. It is NOT funny!
Sister D: So really! (I really did hear footsteps on the stairs)
Suddenly, Irmão Peixoto appeared in the window and yelled, IT'S ME! My friend, Sister Leite, threw herself on the ground. Her companion, Sister Batista, went and hid under her bed. I started laughing, and Sister Araujo started crying. After everybody was okay, Irmão Peixoto gave me my boot so that I can walk again.

Me and Sister Araujo and my boot

Sister Araujo, Sister Batista, and Sister Leite helping someone get their car moving while I sat and watched.

So yeah, that was my week! Hope you are all well and that you didn't have a heart attack like I did this week! Love you all! 

Sister Holly Denton

"Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great." D&C 64:33

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