Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8-24-15 Hey! Hello Peoples!

This week has been so long! We had a lot of changes this week, and on top of that, Sister Rubilar has been sick this week, so we were attending to that a lot this week. We went to the hospital here to get some relief for her sinus infection and I got to witness firsthand the Brazilian health care system. I think that will be incentive to not get sick here. :/ It sufficeth me to say that it was a lot of unnecessary waiting to get a shot and a breathing treatment.
At the hospital with Sis Rubilar getting her breathing treatment.

About my life here. It´s missionary life! 6:30 is the beginning and we get to work! This week was kind of strange though, because Pres Broadbent issued a new rule that we have to leave the house at 9AM and return by 7PM due to perigosos... Eeeep. But I kind of like it this way better. We have all evening to do studies and get ready for bed. The few downsides that I can see are that we have a few people that are nighttime only peeps, we have district meeting on p-day from 5:30 until 7:30. Oh well, we´ll make it work somehow. 

We have a member here who is kind of like a senior office missionary equivalent named Irmão Peixoto. He has  daughter on a mission and he just adores sister missionaries. When I went to the mission offices this week, he went to each sister missionary and asked what we need. Each one said, Nothing, I don´t need anything, I´m good. But I said, A new bed! He said he´d work on it. I don´t know who decided that it would be a good idea to give missionaries a bunk bed! The last thing I want to do in a day is hoist myself onto a bunk bed and the last thing I want to do in the morning is hoist myself out. ugh. but Irmão Peixoto is pretty awesome. I´ll have to get a picture with him someday.

I went to the police this week to take care of visa stuff. It was pretty fun (not really, it was quite boring, but that´s not the point) because I got fingerprinted but in a cool kind of way with an electronic reader that I can see my fingerprint on the computer screen and it was pretty cool. We travelled a bit by ônibus and train to get to central São Paulo, so it was kind of a two day ordeal.

I celebrated 6 months this week! Whoo! 1/3 finished!
6-month Pizza!

Hope you´re all doing well and that this week has been a good one!
Love you bunches!

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