Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8-10-15 Sister Denton´s thoughts about Brazil

Boa Tarde! 

How´s everyone doing? This week has been a pretty good one! There´s been a lot of walking, talking, and conferencing this week! Mostly just walking. Before I came, I knew that I would be walking a lot, but now this much! It´s crazy! If we´re not teaching, we´re walking. Oh well, it´s all good for me. It gives us a lot of opportunities to talk to people about Jesus Christ!

Not a lot of spectacular things happened this week that I can think of. So I guess I´ll just talk about Brazil a little bit.

Brazil is SO DIFFERENT from the United States in a few different ways. Firstly, the people here are so social. You can literally bring up a conversation out of nowhere with anyoe on the street. It´s very strange to me that anyone will just want to talk on the street. But it´s really good for contacting people. Another thing, people can sell anything here. You can have a store right out of your garage if you want to. Lots of people just make do with the resources that they have, so walking down a street in a neighborhood, you can see a hair salon, daycare service, bottled water shop, bakery, convenience store all within about 5 minutes. People also sell things on the busses. They´ll just come on up and start talking about what they´re selling. Chocolate, water, yogurt, peanuts, you name it, they´ve got it. Everybody was right, there´s lots of rice and beans here. Staple foods. We have them with literally EVERY SINGLE MEAL. I can´t wait for the day that I never have to eat beans again. Until then, feijoa it is! 
Eu gosto Guaraná

This week we had a conference with two other zones and President Broadbent. It was a really good conference for a while, but the thing lasted about 6 hours. The whole thing was of course, in Portuguese, and I just cannot concentrate for that long. It was really hard. However, President gave a couple of really good trainings about How to be a Representative of Christ and How to Work with Members. Both of them were great trainings. During the one about working wit members, we talked about how missionaries should not flirt with members, especially youth. President said that there were only two things that we could say to youth: ´´Bom dia!´´ and ´´Você tem uma referencia para nós?´´ (Good mornig, do you have a referral for us?) It was really funny. :) 

Today my zone went out to the park for a picnic and a bike ride. It was really fun. We rented the bikes for about an hour and just rode around the park.
Zone Activity - bike riding in the park
Sister Denton and Sister Vasquez

The Zone

Anyways, I hope you all have a great day! 

Love you all!

Street Feet


Our kitchen
Kitchen and Laundry

The washer has to be set to start each cycle ... wash, rinse, spin. No dryer.

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