Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8-17-15 Hello Beautiful People!

Grafiti aqui na São Paulo
It´s been another really long hot week na Missão São Paulo Sul (A Melhor Missão do Mundo!) (It really is the best mission in the world!) It´s been another week of walking an talking to people. I think the most interesting thing about this week is the sheer amount of Testemunhos de Jeová standing around. We always smile and wave as we walk by them, and they smile and wave back. Their chapel is just a couple doors down from ours, which I think is kind of funny because it was exactly that way in Mt Juliet! Anyways, that´s not really that important....

Side note: sorry if I have bad grammar or spelling, the keyboards here are different and I have a bit of difficulty with them. On top of that, it looks like pretty much every other word is misspelled when you´re typing English on a Portuguese computer.

This week, Sister Rubilar and I have been working to help the people we teach get baptized! For the most part, it´s been pretty progressive. We have a few problems with each person we teach. One woman we teach wants to get baptized, but since she lives with her boyfriend, she has to be married first. She was really surprised when we told her that. Apparently the previous missionaries didn´t let her know that. So she said that she´s going to get married! We´re waiting for them to set a date for the marriage, and until then, we just keep teaching her. We teach another woman with the same problem, but her boyfriend doesn´t want to get married and she doesn´t have the money to move out, so we´re kind of at a standstill at the moment and we don´t really know what to do. We´re also teaching a kid who wants to get baptized, but he has trouble waking up and getting to church in the morning, so we´ve got to help him get there. We also have to talk with his mom. Things are looking pretty positive with these three people, we´ve just got some little molehills to get over.

Anyways. I feel like I´m adjusting well to Brazil. The only thing I can´t really get used to is almoço. Instead of dinner, we have lunch with the members, which is alright. I enjoy food no matter what time of day it is. But they feed us SO MUCH. And the way Brazilians cook, it seems like they were not able to make up their mind about what to have for lunch. For example: Yesterday at lunch, we had ribs, lasagna, potatos, some sort of fried root that was similar to potatos, salad, rice, beans, veggies, strawberry cookie stuff, and chocolate cake. So after to have at least a bit of everything, and you finish your plate, Irmã says, Sister, come mas! (Sister, eat more!) And if you say that you don´t want more, they´ll start asking if the food is bad, and then you feel guilty and eat more. So by the time you leave, you´re just plain MISERABLE, but the food is so good, so it´s kind of worth it.

Well, that´s pretty much been my thoughts for the week! Hope you are all doing well! Love you all!

I held the cutest puppy this week!

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