Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4-13-15 Transfers, Breakups, and Guarana!

Dear all,

This week has been an exhausting one! I never thought that I would have problems staying awake after a workout and a shower, but morning studies are still just about the same as early morning seminary to me! I"m still doing great though! An Elder from my zone gave me a 2 liter bottle of Guarana so I guess you can say it's also been a pretty good week!

Sister Saintonge and I have been working hard visiting the members of the ward here. We try to reach out to those who don't come to church that often and we like to share a quick message with them. A lot of those members are really nice to missionaries, but they usually don't like coming to church anymore for one reason or another. It makes me a little sad, but I guess everyone has their reasons.

So transfers was this week and we sadly had to move Sister Miller to a different area, but that's mission life! It's just me and Sister Saintonge now, but that's all fine! I've been on my toes with her and we have a lot of fun together. She's been teaching me how to sing "When you Believe" from the Prince of Egypt in French, but I mostly just mumble along in the English words that I remember! I've been trying to teach her some little phrases in Portuguese, but I think her previous knowledge of French messes her up. but it's all good.

This week we had a lot of "breakups" or investigators dropping us. It's really sad sometimes because we have certain goals for each week and it's a bit frustrating not being able to make those goals. I pray everyday that we'll find people who want to be taught, but it's challenging when people think that they have everything they could ever want! We've found a couple of people searching, but they were either not in our area or they don't speak English, so we had to pass them off to the Spanish Elders! I'm still glad though, because these are people who are coming closer to Christ, and we're just a stepping stone on that path!

Well that's about all for this week! I hope everyone is doing well and that you've been having a wonderful spring! If you need some uplifting for this week, you should check out this video! It's a great story from a man who spent a long time in his life trying to discover himself and his beliefs in God.

Have a great week and God bless!
Huntington Beach Sunset 4/6/2015

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  1. Sister Denton, I got your note early this week asking for the pictures. I have copied a bunch for you and I'll get them in order Sunday afternoon and get them sent to you. I know that I probably chose too many, but I didn't know just what you had in mind. I'm also sending some of G-ma Rosie and PaPaw Peck. I found some of my Dad's parents and family, but I didn't think to get any of the Jenkins family. I don't have any of them that are readily available. If I send any you don't want or can't use I'd like it if you could send them back to me and I'll keep them for you if you want them later. It may be hard for you to keep track of them til you come home. I'll send you the money for the postage. If you decide not to send any back, just use the $$ for whatever.
    Love you Bunches and Bunches and Bunches!!!